The Company was established in 2012 after strong demand was seen in the Baltics and Eastern Europe from aircraft operators and MROs to service aircraft components locally in a low-cost fashion.
Since 2015 the company has also been offering flight support services, in line with its long-term strategy to grow its offerings.

Nordic Aircraft Systems received U.S. Department of Transportation approval as a cylinder requalification facility under Section 107.805 of Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR) in 2014 with requalifier identification number (RIN) I443. The company provides hydrostatic testing of various types of high pressure cylinders.

The main scope is to inspect, test, repair, overhaul and release to service an aircraft electrical, radio, instruments, oxygen, hydraulic, galley and emergency equipment components. In doing so the company staff serves its customers through a total commitment to service excellence, quality and complete customer satisfaction.